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Improve posture, increase flexibility and define muscles with Barre. Barre is a method of training inspired by ballet and pilates. Expect a low impact workout, perfect if you're new to exercise, or returning after a long break. Combining strength training with static stretching, Barre focuses on isolating muscle groups, through high repetitions with low, or no weights.


Learn a short dance routine and work up a sweat with BLOKbeat. Set to a different song each week, this class will increase your cardio fitness, work your lower body and core, and improve your muscle memory as you learn new choreography. Expect to work hard and release lots of endorphins, leaving your mood instantly boosted. Don't worry if you're new to dance - our trainers will guide you through each step, ensuring you hit every count whatever your experience level.


Alleviate the physical and mental impact of a busy lifestyle with BLOKbreath. Learn breathing techniques to accelerate muscle recovery and improve focus in this powerful 50 minute class.


A strong core sets you up for life, and makes every class that bit easier. Designed to keep core training interesting, BLOKcore goes beyond crunches to improve core and lower body strength. Using weights, TRX suspension training, and bodyweight exercises, (including mountain climbers, pikes and leg raises), BLOKcore will help you achieve the core strength you've always wanted, challenging your body in exciting new ways.


Improve your overall fitness with BLOKfit, a full-body circuit class combining strength and cardio. Working in timed intervals with little or no rest between stations you'll target each muscle group, using bodyweight exercises, resistance equipment and free weights to improve your speed, strength and flexibility.


Build cardio fitness and flexibility with a class, split 50/50 between HIIT and stretching. Your session will start with a 30 minute high intensity, high impact workout and once your muscles are warm, we will take it down to the floor for a 20 minute static stretch.


Develop flexibility, core strength and balance with BLOKmove. Using bodyweight exercises to work every single muscle, this mobility class will alleviate the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day. Expect to build awareness of your own body and expand your range of movement with specific drills focused on the function of your hips, shoulders and spine.


Sculpt and tone to an incredible playlist with BLOKparty. Our signature dance-fitness class focuses on cardio and core work. Build your stamina through a full-body workout whilst improving your balance, agility and mood. The use of strobe effect lighting in parts of this class makes it unsuitable for those affected by photosensitive epilepsy.


Combining toning exercises with a high intensity workout, BLOKsculpt is perfect for fans of barre and yoga, looking to introduce HIIT into their training. Experience 15 mins of short burst cardio exercises followed by 25 mins of smaller, isolated movements using light weights and high reps. The cardio element of this class focuses on improving cardio endurance, whilst the isolations aim to tone and strengthen your body, focusing on your arms, shoulders, core and glutes.


Sound can have a powerful effect on our bodies and emotions, stimulating the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind. Enjoy an hour long session of sound relaxation and recovery using a multitude of frequencies to sooth the mind and heal the body. Each instructor we have will work with a variety of instruments from quartz crystal bowls, harmonious gongs and Tibetan bowls.


BLOKstrength focuses on strengthening and toning exercises to make you stronger, fitter and leaner. Learn the correct technique for lifting heavy weights, and reach your peak performance by supporting your joints and developing your posture.


Boxcon is a fun, fast-paced class, combining bag sequences, bodyweight drills and resistance exercises to push you to your limits. Mixing training techniques from the world's best boxers with traditional strength & conditioning exercises, Boxcon will improve your fitness, boxing technique and cognitive skills. Suitable for beginners and experienced boxers alike.


Experience a full-body workout and improve your power, speed and timing with Boxing. Our boxing classes are suitable for all levels, irrespective of prior experience.


Calisthenics is a strength based workout that requires you to use your own bodyweight to create unique and challenging workouts. In our Calisthenics classes you’ll develop incredible upper body strength and endurance, learn how to control your body in impressive ways and build core strength that could rival a gymnast. The classes are structured for both complete beginners and experienced Calisthenics practitioners.

Cardio Killer

A non-stop, high intensity workout for every fitness level. This full body mat based class moves through a variety of cardio, strength and core exercises to challenge even the fittest of participants.

Dharma Flow

A challenging and graceful form of classical yoga that alleviates physical and mental tension. Build strength and flexibility through progressive poses, with guidance into a variety of inversions, accompanied by guided breathwork. Unsuitable for beginners and pregnant women.

Dynamic Vinyasa

A creative and energetic yoga class. Focus on improving flexibility and building strength by linking movement with rhythmic breath.


Find progression with Handstands. True to the BLOK ethos, these skill-based classes will set you new challenges and reward dedication and perseverance. Working from the foundations up, these classes focus on drills and exercises to build the strength and flexibility required for the perfect handstand. No prior experience required.


Build strength, improve flexibility, and develop control and endurance with Pilates. This dynamic mat-based class will fire up your core with low impact exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body. Our trainers use both classical and contemporary approaches to create physically challenging classes open to all levels.

Power Yoga

A powerful yoga class focused on building physical strength and core conditioning. Each session incorporates standing and balancing poses, sun salutations and backbends, giving you a practice to build on each week.

Rocket Yoga

Build up a sweat and improve flexibility and stamina with Rocket yoga. This intermediate to advanced level class follows a set sequence, involving core arm balances, inversions, strength drills and backbends, whilst the faster pace breaks all traditions, combining tempo and sequencing. Unsuitable for beginners and pregnant women.


Learn how to spar in a safe, controlled environment against appropriate opposition. Whilst existing boxing experience is essential, these classes will cater for those with no experience, and prior experience of sparring. Improve your conditioning, timing, accuracy and give your boxing training new purpose as you experience the closest thing to a competitive bout.

Yin Yoga

Clear tension and increase circulation, joint mobilisation and flexibility with Yin. Drawing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Philosophy, Yin is a slower paced style of yoga which aims to promote deep relaxation through a variety of seated poses held for 3 to 5 minutes.

Yin Yang Flow

Relieve stress and develop strength, mobility and coordination with Yin Yang flow. This class combines classical yoga with elements of yin yoga, (a slower paced class where postures are held for long periods of time), to create a balanced session that combines working out with relaxation. Expect to leave feeling settled and grounded.

Yoga with Meditation

This class combines powerful breathwork and dynamic movement with an extended meditation practice. The class begins with an engaging physical practise, followed by a period of stillness to help you develop focus and attention. Expect to leave this class feeling energised and grounded.