Abi Allen

Abi’s goal is for you to leave her classes feeling stronger, both mentally and physically. Expect a friendly, upbeat atmosphere and challenging workout, focused on form and technique.

Abi Bulman

Abi’s classes combine dance and fitness sequences to boost confidence, stamina, and muscle memory. Expect a high-energy party atmosphere, where you’ll sweat and work your entire body.

Adam Tench

Adam’s classes are high-energy, fun, and challenging. Expect to hear a variety of music as he aims to elevate his classes through his soundtracks.

Ailsa Mullins

As a multi-discipline coach and a carded amateur boxer, Ailsa has a passion for technique and innovative training methods, with a focus on flexibility and mobility.

Alice Trow

Alice’s classes give you the space and time to clear your mind and ease you into your practice. Expect creative sequences that focus on achieving fluid movement, whilst toning and strengthening the muscles.

Alicia Morgan

A technical class that focuses on alignment and elongating the body through barre and pilates. Expect to leave feeling strong with your posture lengthened.

Amaryllis Saunders

Expect big workouts with big playlists to match. Leave class feeling like you’ve been pushed to challenge yourself in a fun and engaging way.

Amie Dudley

Amie’s classes are versatile, creative, and unique, focusing on new exercises and techniques. Expect to be pushed to work beyond your limits and increase your overall fitness.

Amy Lucas

Amy’s classes combine power and strength with flow and fluidity. Creativity drives her classes, tapping her background as a professional dancer. Expect a strong focus on movement patterns to challenge your body

Anna De Sousa

Anna’s classes build strength, flexibility, and mobility for all levels. Expect flowing sequences which enable you to move your body in a variety of different ways.

Anna Freeman

Anna’s classes are spirited and dynamic, engaging the whole body with a focus on deep core postural muscles. Expect challenging classes that bring together the six key Pilates principles (centering, concentration, control, precision, flow, and breath).

Annabel Luke

Energising, uplifting and challenging yet low impact mat pilates that focuses on full body strength, length and tone. There will be no lack of burn as you move, twist and crunch to motivating instruction and fun playlists. Leave the mat feeling strong, flexible and accomplished.

Becca Suart

Becca’s sessions specialize in Strength & Conditioning to increase muscular strength and mental endurance. Work at speed, test your resilience and leave every class with a sense of clarity and calm.

Beth Finch

Beth’s sessions focus on creating strength, stability, and flexibility. Expect to work your body to its fullest potential, and leave class on a natural endorphin-high.

Bridget De Jong

Bridget's dynamic Pilates classes aim to strengthen and lengthen. Enjoy a creative and upbeat flow designed to challenge your entire body and improve your posture.

Briony Gunson

Briony is a breathwork facilitator, a mindset coach, and a meditation teacher. Her conscious-connected breathwork sessions will release emotional and physical tension and deepen your mind-body connection.

Carly Bateman

Carly’s classes are fun and energetic, focusing on the full range and condensed movements to leave you with lengthened muscles and a killer burn.

Cavan Mulkerrin

Cavan’s classes are explosive and energetic, focusing on dynamic movement, plyometrics, and muscle-group-optimisation to improve your overall endurance and strength.

Charley Logan

With her background in dance, movement has always been a huge part of Charley’s life. Expect physically creative and fluid flows that are dynamic with a touch of playfulness.

Charlie Kelly

Charlie’s classes are flowing and fast paced, with a focus more on enlightenment that alignment. He teaches ways to integrate yoga practice into your normal routine and how to better handle challenging and stressful situations.

Chet Karsan

Chet’s classes are structured to help you achieve isometric holds and build shoulder integrity through hangs, pull-ups, and monkey bar swings. Expect to incorporate spirituality, meditation, and breathwork.

Chloe Trigg

Chloe is an endurance athlete with extensive experience in strength training, who ensures every session is challenging, purposeful, and rewarding. Expect a tough but endorphin-high workout, filled with knowledge and endless encouragement.

Chris Millard

Chris’ classes will leave you feeling energised, empowered, and encouraged to continue your fitness journey. Expect modifications and progressions for every ability to ensure a challenging workout for everyone.

Christina Demetriou

Drawing on her diverse dance training, Christina combines dance and fitness with Latin beats to create high-energy classes that promote your stamina and muscle memory, whilst boosting your confidence to new heights.


CK believes that fluidity and balance are key to a healthy life and this shines through in their classes. Expect slow deep relaxation paired with soothing soundtracks.

Claudia Mirallegro

With a background in dance, Claudia’s love for movement translates into a strong and graceful teaching style. Her classes encourage you to move with fluidity, passion, and purpose, allowing you to tap into your own creativity and uniqueness.

Craig Seaton

Craig’s classes focus on breathwork techniques that have a hugely positive impact on your nervous system, consciousness, and your body, and mind. Advance your meditation practice and experience deep relaxation that encourages healing states, while you build a greater sense of awareness.

Dan Appah

Dan’s classes are a high-energy, fun full-body workout, backed by an explosive playlist. With a focus on building strength, endurance, and cardio and an emphasis on technique, they’ll equip you to achieve your full potential.

Daniel Zivatovic

Daniel is a movement teacher and physiotherapist. His classes will help you to develop strength and mobility, whilst teaching you new skills in a focused environment.

Danni Carraturo

Danni's dynamic persona will power you through your session and enable you to reach your full potential. Develop your mind and body connection, whilst focusing on postural alignment and deep core exercises.

Danny Wright

As an ex-pro boxer with years of experience fighting and coaching, Danny will help to improve your technique along and your overall fitness. Expect to leave his classes feeling fit and fulfilled.

David Tran

David promotes different facets of meditation across invigorating asana, restorative yoga, and relaxing sounds. Be challenged through movement, stillness, and stimulation.

Declan Taylor

Declan’s high-energy classes will help correct your technique in a focused and inspiring way. Expect to get a well-rounded skill set through engaging, tried, and tested methods suitable for boxers of all levels.

Dominique Binns

Dominique combines her background in dance with years of coaching expertise to create a fun, empowering, and high-energy environment. Her focus is on technique and delivering a killer workout, to leave you feeling confident, strong, and sweaty.

Eilidh Scott

Eilidh’s classes always have a fun, open atmosphere, with a focus on technical precision. Expect to get out of your head and into your body.

Ellya Sam

Ellya’s energetic nature will keep you motivated throughout her intense, rewarding classes. Expect non-stop movement with leg shaking and arm lengthening exercises that will challenge you to your core.

Errin Briscoe

Errin is an avid yoga and movement practitioner, who channels her passion into her classes. Her sessions aim to empower, explore and push boundaries, whilst simultaneously allowing you to reconnect with your body, mind, and breath.

Francesco Mazzetti

Francesco discovered yoga whilst developing his calisthenics practice in Milan. His classes are inclusive and accessible to all levels, with a focus on functionality over aesthetics. Expect a strong focus on breath and intention.

Georgia Davis

Georgia’s classes focus on strengthening exercises to tone and increase flexibility, paying particular attention to technique, posture, and alignment to ensure you feel the burn in all the right places.

Georgina Thompstone

Georgina’s classes focus on technique, strength, and length; creating beautiful lines and strongholds. Expect intense burning and leg-shaking holds, whilst working on your flexibility and technique.

Guilia Fenci

Giulia’s classes combine strength, flexibility, and mobility for both body and mind. Expect to be pushed to the limit, improve your form and develop your fitness.

Guillermo Justel

Guillermo's classes are designed to help your body and mind understand what it is to do a handstand, and what and how to practice in order to perform it. Don't be misled though, he'll also make sure you have all the fun that is available from being upside down.

Holly Leckie

Holly’s classes focus on strength, flexibility, and posture, while also improving your stamina and fitness. Expect high-energy workouts that will leave you wanting to come back to progress and increase your fitness.

Imelda J

Imelda’s classes aim to balance strength and flexibility. Expect sweaty creative flows and dynamic mobility movements.

Jahmarl Crick

Jahmarl takes his infectious personality and his undeniable passion for dance to every class. Learn a variety of moves from voguing to hip hop, afro Caribbean to street jazz, and expect high energy and sweat.

Jasmine Orr

Jasmine's classes are perfect for those interested in strengthening and stabilising the core. Expect to improve posture and alignment, mobility, and flexibility.

Javi Martinez

Javi’s dynamic classes focus on technical precision in a fun environment. Expect to work on stabilising and body control.

Jess Fraser

Jess has been teaching yoga for 5 years and her love and passion for yoga comes from a background in competitive gymnastics. Jess believes that movement is medicine and that you should move the body for the health of your mind. She believes that a day without laughter is a day wasted.

Joe Flinders

Joe’s classes utilise functional movement patterns to deepen your mind-muscle connection. Develop confidence and skills, as you broaden your knowledge and work your body.

Jonathan Caguioa

Jonny’s classes focus on form, technique strength, and flexibility. Expect a flowing series of full-body exercises that leave you feeling motivated and energised.

Juan Amo

Juan’s classes focus on reps and sets to perfect your form. Develop your skills and see constant progression.

Jules McCellan

Jules draws from a wide range of styles to create a strong, sweaty, and energetic flow, with a big emphasis on play. Expect plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, get a bit wobbly, and have lots of fun along the way.

Kage Douglas

Kage’s classes focus on technique and working your body to the max. Expect an intense, full-body workout and a killer playlist.

Kat Polski

Kat’s classes combine high energy and community. Expect a playful yet challenging sequence with an emphasis on breath, accompanied by upbeat contemporary music.

Kate Pumphrey

Kate’s classes are creative and acrobatic. Expect to play with unfamiliar and advanced postures and see shapes you already knew in a brand new light.

Ksenija Selivanova

Ksenija’s dynamic classes strengthen your body and develop your concentration, control, and focus. Learn to align your breath with movement and increase your awareness through exercise.

Leo Oppenheim

Leo is a multi-discipline instructor specialising in balance and core stability. He incorporates a variety of techniques to harness the full power of your breathing and increase strength, conditioning, and focus. Learn how to move freely with fluidity and purpose.

Lewis Akpata

Lewis’ classes are high energy with fluent transitions to challenge all levels. Expect to work on improving muscular endurance and strength.

Liam Cullen

Liam’s classes combine his deep understanding of boxing techniques with solid strength and conditioning components. Expect a strong focus on form, whilst you increase your endurance.

Liddy Curbishley

Liddy’s classes are mindful practices to guide you back to yourself. Expect softness interlaced with strength, a fluid moving meditation and a transformational experience.

Linzi Page

Linzi's classes are creative and dynamic flows. Expect a focus on your physical strength as you explore your mind and body.

Lizzie Hall

Lizzie’s classes take you through a creative and dynamic flow. Expect to work the body from top to toe, with a focus on postural alignment.

Lotti McKenna

Lotti has been with BLOK since they first opened in 2016. Her classes incorporate her passion and sustainable approach to movement. Expect to combine key elements of well-loved disciplines to fill in the common gaps in your training.

Lotti Sorrel

With a background in extreme and combat sports, Lotti's classes will teach you to move the way your body was meant to. Lotti's training style brings together the control of snowboarding, the balance of surfing and the mindset of Muay Thai for a mind-body experience that is so much more than just another class.

Lottie Rice

Lotte’s classes focus on bodyweight exercises, balances, and breathing techniques. Expect to stretch, strengthen and stabilise your body.

Lucia Jay

Lucia has been a competitive Boxer and Kickboxer for over 12 years, fighting internationally and coaching others. Expect a tough, sweaty workout with a heavy focus on technique, strength, power, and stamina.

Lucy Joslin

Lucy’s classes are fun, challenging, and form-focused. Expect hands-on adjustments, accompanied by personalised instructions and intense drills to ensure continuous progression.

Lucy Rowland

Lucy's classes are thoughtful, strong, and powerful. Expect a creative approach to biomechanics, intertwined with subtle movements and mindfulness practices.

Luke Bradshaw

Luke’s experience as a professional dancer strongly influences his teaching. Expect to build strength, whilst combining movement and breath.

Marcela Rafalowka

Marcela’s classes focus on balance and body alignment. Expect to work towards building on your strength and flexibility.

Mark Walker

Mark’s classes motivate you to achieve your full potential through focused and dedicated training. Expect to leave with an in-depth understanding of correct boxing technique.

Matteo Massaini

Matteo brings high energy and discipline to his classes, whether it’s strength and conditioning, cardio training or boxing. Expect to leave feeling inspired and motivated.

Michael Eley

Michael’s classes are dynamic and fast-paced, focused on pranayama and alignment, with hands-on adjustments. Expect to leave feeling challenged and centered.

Mikey Holes

Mikey’s classes teach you to redefine your 'impossible' and master your own body weight. Scale any exercise with the right progression for you.

Miles Mortensen

With his background as a DJ, Miles’ classes combine the driving rhythms of the dance floor with the energetic and playful nature of rocket yoga, and a twist of philosophy.

Natalie Maloney

Natalie’s classes combine high energy with strong encouragement to ensure you keep progressing. Expect to leave feeling energised and motivated.

Nicky Lopez

Nicky’s creative classes ensure your training doesn’t miss a muscle. Expect fun, sweat and a killer finisher.

Olivia Lumb

Olivia’s classes combine a strong focus on correct alignment with bags of enthusiasm and a fun environment to achieve real results. Expect challenging barre classes choreographed to Olivia's mixes of underground club music.

Paul Jackson

Paul’s classes are challenging workout focused on improving your strength, agility, and overall condition. Expect to leave with a better understanding of correct technique at every step.

Penelope Klamert

Penelope loves combining her two passions, fitness and dance. Her classes are fun, sweaty, and high in energy. Expect to move and groove across the board from Hip Hop to Commercial tracks and let your body loose.

Peter Cork

Peter brings his friendly warm nature to every class. Expect to be pushed to your limits with a smile and classic disco beat.

Pip Tunstall

Pip’s classes are set to an amplifying soundtrack, each focused on a specific theme. Expect dynamic and flowing classes with a focus on the core, correct alignment, and posture.

Rach Lopez

Rachel’s classes focus on ‘power through pulsing.’ Her positivity will motivate you to push past any psychological barriers to reach your goal. Expect to leave the studio feeling stronger in body and mind.

Rachel Cruickshank

Rachel aims to restore mental and physical balance in her classes. Her style of yoga is playful and fun but will allow you to go deeper into yourself and start on a journey of self-discovery. Expect a strong focus on breath and mindful movement.

Rachel Walsh

Rachel’s classes encourage you to invite an element of play into your yoga practice, whilst ensuring you work hard throughout. Expect strong, dynamic classes, full of opportunities to ground yourself and spend time upside down.

Rose Firouzbakht

Rose’s classes are creative and playful with plenty of options for every level. Expect a strong practice filled with relaxing breathing exercises and meditation.

Rose Foran-Parkinson

Rose’s classes are energetic and embodied practices with a focus on breath, movement, and sound.

Rosie Dwyer

Rosie’s classes build your body awareness through a dynamic and mindful pilates flow. Expect to leave feeling stronger, stretched, and balanced.

Rosie Price

Rosie teaches mindful, breath-led Vinyasa to students of all levels, honouring the strengths and limitations of bodies of all types.

Ruby Tuttlebee

Ruby brings positivity and energy to all her classes, giving you the encouragement to overcome any barriers you face with endurance, strength, and conditioning.

Sade Nadour

Sade’s classes incorporate mindful movement through breath and meditation. Expect dynamic and blissful flows.

Sally Connor

Sally's classes provide an inclusive space for all body types and will help you to release physical and mental tension. Expect to leave feeling grounded, calm, and connected to your body and breath.

Samuel Deschamps

Samuel’s classes focus on form, core strength, endurance and balance. Expect to leave with a greater sense of freedom.

Shanice Burton

Shanice’s classes are all about power and dynamics, coupled with control and speed. Expect a focused, positive and encouraging environment.

Sindy Haque

Sindy’s classes are open to all levels. Come with an open mind and heart. Expect to deepen your understanding of the practice with a strong focus on posture.

Sobhan Madadi

Sobhan’s classes fuse mind and body together, to improve technique, power, endurance, and agility. Push past your limits and take your fitness to new levels.

Sophie NG

Sophie's classes are designed to bring a sense of balance and equanimity to your body and mind. Expect a lighthearted practice designed to help you achieve stillness within.

Susanna Davies-Crook

Susanna’s classes focus on a creative and explorative flow. Expect to leave feeling restored.

Tegan McLeod

Tegan is passionate about the connection between our bodies and how we interact with the world around us. Her classes will combine invigorating and playful movement with an authentic curiosity towards a higher purpose. All with a healthy dose of sweat.

Tomas Ferenc

Tomas’ classes are energetic and tough, leaving you feeling sweaty, exhausted, and rewarded. Expect effective and efficient training for all levels, irrespective of your starting ability.

Vicki Mellard

Vicki’s classes are varied, fun, and challenging. Expect to leave feeling re-energised in both body and mind.

Zo Rahm

Zo’s classes are fun and challenging with an emphasis on breath and alignment. Expect synchronised movement, breath, and music - where the soundtrack will keep you in the rhythm of the practice.

Zoe Laskowski

Zoe’s classes are challenging and honest. Her teaching style is down-to-earth, with a focus on breathwork, alignment, and hands-on assists.

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