Eco Policy

Since our establishment in 2015, BLOK has always been conscious of its environmental impact, but the time has come to do more, and to make a public promise to our customers.

Across their three studios, BLOK are committing to:

  • reducing single use plastic across all sites
  • promote environmental awareness in our customers through our products and practices
  • support local brands within our cafe areas who share our sustainability views
  • using funds from our branded product sales to support environmental funds overseas


As always, towels are available to hire for £1 from reception. By not supplying free towels we continue our fight against the massive towel waste across the fitness industry. We know our policy of charging for a towel has not always been popular, but we believe that until our competitors follow suit then there will be no reduction in the millions of wasted towels laundered each day in the industry. On average just one in seven BLOK customers takes a towel. That means that in June 2018, our 21,275 customers used just 3,128 towels. That is a reduction in laundry of over 18,000 towels per month, and that is just with two sites - we will have 6 by 2020. We never make a profit from our towels, however we do make a big saving from those tens of thousands of towels that aren't being laundered unnecessarily. This is reflected in our prices and benefits our customers, as well as the environment.


Getting rid of plastic bottles does not mean you have to work out without water. We are proud to stock CanOwater, the London based canned water with the highest recycling rate on the market. We have water fountains for you to refill your own bottles, or treat yourself to a BLOK bottle, with 25% of the sale price going to support our partners, Trees For The Future.


7 million coffee cups are used every day in UK (with at least half of them being in London city alone) Our Biopac coffee cups are recyclable, as are the smoothie beakers. 


Our BLOK kit bags are recyclable and reusable, don’t be scared to use the bag more than once!


We have handpicked local companies that have the same values as BLOK without compromising on quality. Not only does this help the local economy but we are reducing our carbon footprint through reduced delivery journeys and unnecessary shipping costs. Our troop of local brands include : Dark Arts Coffee, Jarr Kombucha, Minor Figures, CanOwater and KeepCup.


As of the beginning of July 2018, our BLOK bottles will cost £20, with £5 from each sale going to Trees For the Future, an organization working in Sub-Saharan Africa to revive their land and cultivate a brighter future for generations to come. Using their unique Forest Garden model, Trees For The Future educate communities on how to use the land for both food and financial freedom. Over the course of 4 years they work with local farmers to plant a garden, fit for the weather and sustainable for years to come. Not only does this garden provide food for local families, it provides a business. Trees for The Future educate these farmer son how to run profitable businesses and break the cycle of poverty.

Through this partnership we pledge to plant 10,000 trees in the next 12 months. Watch their first ever documentary here.

Have your say...

We value all customer feedback. If you have a suggestion on how we can be more sustainable or you know of a small business who you think would be a great fit for our brans, please get in touch via our Help Centre, we’d love to hear your thoughts.