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Kole's running career began at school, and now spans fifteen years and cities all over Europe including London, Brighton, Amsterdam, Dublin and Copenhagen, where they have partaken in six full marathons and twenty five half marathons. A former member of Run Dem Crew and now a trainer at Barber's Gym, Kole now channels their passion for long distance running into teaching others. They currently hold a Leadership in Running Fitness certificate and are now studying to become a running coach with the England Athletics Association. Kole believes that the benefits of running lie not in races or medals won, but in the communities that running builds and the feeling of freedom it gives. As with any sport, long distance running requires skill which is why Kole focuses their sessions on good form, correct posture and technique. Kole's approach to running is mindful and they aim to teach clients how to listen to their bodies and connect with their mind so to avoid injuries and achieve an energetic flow in their running.