Offering a selection of healthy shakes, smoothies and grab and go snacks, BLOK has worked with leading nutritionists and fitness experts to provide a menu that will nourish, fuel and repair your muscles.

From our signature shakes to vegan coconut porridge, we believe quality is paramount which is why we’ve collaborated with health & fitness industry leaders, innermost nutrition, to provide the most effective products that will supplement your health and wellbeing.

Made to order, our shakes & smoothies can be pre-ordered online* or from reception when you arrive.

Coffee from award winning Hackney-based roaster Dark Arts is available all day from our café, along with matcha and turmeric lattes and a selection of loose-leaf teas.

Head to the fridge to find a full selection of super-charged cold-pressed juices from Plenish, cold brew coffee, coconut water, Kombucha and CanO water.

*All shakes & smoothies pre-ordered online will receive 20% off.



pineapple - apple - spinach - kale - ginger - lemon - spirulina - chlorella - wheatgrass - barleygrass


strawberry - blueberry - banana - raspberry - blackcurrent - spinach - flax seeds - maca - cacao - guarana

green and lean

kale - celery - parsley - rocket - ginger - lemon - macha tea - progreens


banana - papaya - pineapple - ginger - tumeric - baobab - goji berries - pumpkin seeds - sunflower seeds - flax seeds



innermost whey protein - banana - peanut butter -  oats - coconut milk


banana - innermost chocolate protein - oats - cacao nibs - cocoa powder - coconut milk


innermost protein - blueberries - pumpkin seeds - almond milk


innermost whey protein - banana - peanut butter -  oats - coconut milk


banana - innermost chocolate protein - oats - cacao nibs - cocoa powder - coconut milk

berry bomb

mixed berries - banana - almond milk - innermost vanilla protein

coffee date

coffee - dates - almond butter - hazelnut milk - innermost chocolate protein

super green

spinach - avocado - apple - coconut milk - innermost supergreens - innermost vanilla protein

innermost protein: choose the fit one, the strong one, the lean one or the health one